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Aug 29 2012 -
Flash Client Beta Label Removed and Special Offer
ack in June 2011, we released the Beta Flash client. We aimed to provide a highly customisable client which allows an easier way of logging into Tibia. Of course, we kept on improving the Beta Flash client according to your feedback and wishes, and now it is time for the next step:
We are excited to inform you that we have finally removed the Beta label! The Tibia Flash client is now officially launched and a legit alternative to the stand-alone client. You can use the client of your choice to play Tibia, and we will develop both clients further to enrich your Tibia experience further.

In light of the release of the Tibia Flash client, we have a handy new feature for you. It is now possible to store your VIP list and your Flash client options on our servers. This allows you to play with the same client settings on every computer. The VIP list options of stand-alone client users are also stored on our servers now.
In order to use your settings from before the patch today, you have to migrate them to our servers via the new migration tool. You can find it on your account page. This tool can also be used to migrate your automap from the stand-alone client to the Flash client. Instructions on how to use the migration tool can be found in the manual.

Last but not least, we also have a new special offer for you which is available for a limited time only!

Every warrior needs a noble steed to ride into battle. The fierce look of the armoured war horse will let your enemies tremble in fear and awe.
So how to saddle up? If you buy a unit of 180 or 360 days of Tibia premium time until September 12, 23:59:59 CEST, you will get the armoured war horse mount as a bonus in addition to the premium features. Please note that buying premium scrolls ingame or any combination of smaller units will not get you the mount!

You can find the special offer box on your account page. If you use the Tibia payment system or element 5 to buy premium time, the date that matters for the special offer is the day on which you order the premium time. If you buy premium time via a reseller, the date that matters is the day on which we receive the payment. In case of a game code it is the date on which you redeem your code on the official Tibia website.
You will be able to assign the mount to one of your characters via your account page as soon as we have received your payment.

Please carefully read the FAQ in the Auditorium to avoid any misunderstandings. If you still have any open questions or doubts, feel free to ask!

Ride with pride!
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