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Sep 27 2012 -
New Punishments and Progression
ith this year's autumn patch, punishments for rule violations and the progression of punishments will get a revamp. Today, we want to give you a short overview of the changes to come.

From the autumn patch on, rule violations will be listed in a player's rule violation record which can be checked on the account management page. They will be categorised into five severity levels: very mild, mild, moderate, severe, and very severe. Punishments for new entries in a player's rule violation record will be influenced by the amount and severity of previous entries. Punishments will range from simple warnings to banishments of 2 or 7 days, and sometimes even the deletion of an account. Banishments of 30 days will no longer be imposed, though.
Depending on the amount and severity of already existing entries in a player's rule violation record, new entries may also have a more severe impact on a player's conduct level.

The conduct level of a player is determined by his rule violation record, and will allow players to quickly and easily check how close to deletion their account is. It will be displayed on the account management page if a player's rule violation record has at least one entry. Each conduct level will be represented by a specific colour: green, yellow, orange, red, and black. Green will signify an uncritical rule violation record, whereas black will indicate that an account is very close to a deletion. Players will also be informed about the severity level at which the next rule violation would lead to an account deletion.

Players with a conduct level of orange, red, or black, will not be able to transfer characters to another game world. Moreover, players will not be able to become a tutor if their conduct level is yellow, orange, red, or black.
example of conduct levels green and yellow

In addition to the conduct level of a player, the account page will provide information about the time it takes until the conduct level will be reduced to the next less critical level. If a player has not received a new entry in his rule violation record for 120 days, the conduct level will start to decrease slowly over time.

Players will have to acknowledge new entries in their rule violation record via the account management page. As long as a new entries remains unacknowledged, it will not be possible to log into the game or use the forum with this account. If an acknowledged entry will result in a banishment, this banishment will start immediately after the corresponding entry has been acknowledged. If there are several entries that will result in a temporary exclusion, all banishments will take effect consecutively once they are acknowledged.
example of a rule violation record with conduct level yellow (image scaled down)

Banishments for invalid payment will be replaced by account freezes. Account freezes will work independently from the rule enforcement process. This means they will not lead to an entry in the rule violation record. Apart from this, an account freeze will have the same effects as a banishment for invalid payment currently has.

So how will criminal record entries be converted with the autumn patch? If a player has one or more entries in his criminal record, the most severe entry will determine the conduct level the account will have after the release of the autumn patch. Also, if enough time has passed since the last criminal record entry so the account would qualify for a reduction of the conduct level, this reduction will be applied. So please understand that we cannot tell you your conduct level in advance as it will depend on your individual criminal record. Just log into your account page after the patch to check your conduct level.
Please note that there is one exception: The conduct level of all players who received a permanent final warning before the patch will be set to black after the patch, no matter how long the last entry in their criminal record dates back. Nevertheless, if they do not receive new entries in their rule violation record within the next 120 days, their conduct level will also start to decrease slowly over time.

With the autumn patch, the manual will be updated to include all necessary information about the new system, so make sure to read it carefully once it is online.

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