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Oct 08 2012 -
Offline Training in Beds and Global Inbox
ith the upcoming autumn patch, two handy new features will be implemented into the game.

Since the summer update, premium players are able to train the skills of their characters while being offline. In order to activate offline training, they simply have to use the training statue of their choice to log out. We have some interesting news for house owners: If you have access to a house or guild hall, you will also be able to activate offline training by using a bed to log your character out. A small menu will pop up upon using a bed and allow you to choose the skill combination you want to train offline. If you use a bed to train offline, your character will still benefit from the regeneration which beds already offer.

Have you ever placed a buy offer in the market and later wondered which depot you have to visit in order to pick up the item you bought? Have you ever wanted to send a parcel to a friend but had no clue which depot he will visit next? From the autumn patch on, you will not have to rely on your memory or predictions anymore. We are going to introduce a global inbox that can be accessed from every depot. This also means that you only have to include the name of the receiver when sending parcels and letters. You will not have to send it to a specific city anymore as it will go to the global inbox of the receiver. Furthermore, as a premium player you will be able to sell items in the market if they are stored in your global inbox.

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