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Oct 10 2012 -
Autumn Patch 2012
oday, we have released this year's autumn patch!

We have revamped the punishments for rule violations and the progression of punishments. The conduct level now allows players to quickly and easily check how close to deletion their account is. The conduct level is determined by the rule violation record of a player, and is displayed on the account management page if there is at least one entry in his rule violation record. Punishments for new entries and their impact on a player's conduct level are influenced by the amount and severity of already existing entries in a player's rule violation record. We recommend all players to carefully read the manual for further information about the conduct level and the new system.
As we have announced in the teaser, if you had one or more criminal record entries before the patch, the most severe entry has been converted to the new system. Also, it has been checked whether or not your account already qualifies for a reduction of the conduct level. If so, the reduction has been applied already.

In addition, two new features have been implemented to improve your gameplay experience. The global inbox allows you to access your mail and market deliveries from every depot in Tibia. This also means that you only have to include the name of the receiver when sending parcels and letters from now on. Please note, though, that it is only possible to take items out of your inbox. You cannot put, sort or stack items in your inbox or in containers within your inbox.
Premium players with access to beds are now able to activate offline training by using a bed to log their character out. You can choose the skill combination you want to train offline in a context menu that will show up upon using a bed. Furthermore, if you activate offline training this way, your character will still benefit from the regeneration which beds already offer.

Besides, a couple of changes and fixes have been implemented with the patch. We have listed them in feedback thread in the Auditorium.

The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.7 from our download section.

Have fun!
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