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Oct 31 2012 -
A Rat is a Rat is a ... ?
oday, we have something special for you: a contest and a sneak peek all in one!
This year's winter update will introduce a new race to the game, and our current working title is: rat men. However, we are sure that Tibia's imaginative players can easily come up with more creative names for this race. Thus, we decided to run a contest in order to find a dashing name!

In order to get a better idea of these cunning opponents, just click on the sketches to enlarge them. Now, if you have a good idea on how to name this race, let us now and submit it in the Auditorium by using the template we have provided there.
We only accept English names, variations thereof, or fantasy names, and each name suggestion may consist of a single word only. Also, you have to include a short explanation why you think that the suggested name would be the best choice.

All necessary information about the contest and its rules is listed in the designated thread so make sure to check it before suggesting your idea. The contest starts today and runs until November 06, 2012, 14:00 CET.

Out of all submissions, we CMs will select the most promising ones, and the content team will then pick their favourite entry and name the race accordingly. The winner will be rewarded with 90 days of premium time, a new doll which will also be implemented with the winter update, and a CM token. In addition, we CMs will choose our three favourite entries, and their authors will receive 90 days of premium time, and a CM token.

Let your imagination run free!
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