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Nov 15 2012 -
Venore Shines in a New Light
ear editors of the Tibia city guides!

As you know, I, Amaro, am a true adventurer by heart. I have allowed you to use my good name in order to promote your city guides as I fully support your endeavour to acquaint Tibians with the rich history and sometimes hidden beauty of their cities.

Therefore, I consider it my duty to inform you about a startling discovery I recently made when visiting my dear old friend Spectulus in Edron. (I assume you have already heard of this cranky astronomer.) Through his telescope, I was able to see our illustrious lady Venore glowing in a brand new dress, quite an exquisite one at that. Of course, I immediately took my leave to examine the venerable city more closely.

check my before/after comparison

My ship had not yet docked when the golden gaze of a huge statue of the patroness of seafarers and travelling merchants met my eyes. It seemed as if she was already heralding the splendour of a reborn city. Once arrived, a sailor from a Zaoan ship full of opulent furniture told me that some of the richest Venorean families donated a pretty sum of money some months ago to support a major renovation of the city. Thank Fardos, there are still connoisseurs of fine architecture out there for I was not prepared for the visual symphony that followed!

check my before/after comparison

As I wandered through the streets of the bustling city, I was flabbergasted by the prosperity and wealth reflected in Venore's architecture now. The buildings feature a magnificent combination of red brick and granite masonry which creates a bright and open atmosphere. Many houses are adorned with beautiful small statues and slender columns. The streets charm you with amazing arc patterns in the cobblestone pavement. Turquoise roofs mirror the brilliance of the sea. Stunning lattice windows allow daylight to illuminate the interiors where herringbone parquet or marble floors contribute to the overall impression of sophistication.

Upon leaving Venore through the southern gate, surprise hit me once again. I have no idea what exactly has happened to the swamp, but it certainly turned into the swampiest swamp I have ever seen. (I guess Venore's wastewater had its share in this transformation.) Strange, unknown creatures were squelching through the mud. I even saw a water buffalo! (I wonder if it is true that you can numb this large pack animal with blood-sucking parasites.) A young adventurer in Venore also informed me about a devious race of enormous rats lurking in the soggy caves below the marshland. He referred to them as Corym.
In any case, you should definitely recommend swamp tours in the next edition of the Venore city guide. Yes, indeed! Finally, wooden boardwalks allow travellers to cross the mud without getting their feet all dirty. Also, Venore's spiceweed and wood production have obviously been raised as production sites are now scattered throughout the boggy area. People who are looking for some work will find good opportunities there. Ah, yes, and a goblin merchant has settled in a humble hut in the swamp. An ambitious fellow, for sure. He dreams of becoming rich without lifting a finger himself. Seems a bit naive but who knows...

Anyway, that's it for my first report. I hope you will soon visit Venore to see for yourself, and update your guide properly for I do not want to see my reputation tarnished by recommending outdated information.

Please note that I have sent some of the pictures that I took with Spectulus' marvellous picture-taking device to befriended journalists so you might want to check their publications to find out more. Also, I have attached a summary of my discoveries in case you lack the time to read my full letter.

Yours sincerely,
Amaro De Quester