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Nov 21 2012 -
Breaking News
he Tibian News Agency (TNA) provided us with a preview of the next issue of the TIBIAN TIMES:


New Law of Speed

TIBIA. In a widely discussed study, scientists have found out that, despite common belief, one of the Tibian laws of nature is about to be influenced by a cosmic force. As a result, the speed of all living (and undead) beings in Tibia, humans and monsters alike, will change. Of course, we have summed up the scientific theory for our readers:
Characters will still get faster with every level-up but the increase rate per level will be curbed. The new speed formula will follow a logarithmic pattern of growth instead of a linear one. As we are not a scientific magazine, though, we do not want to get too technical here. This new formula will also have the effect that characters below level 175 will walk faster than they currently do while characters above this level will be somewhat slower. We asked scientists to provide us with some examples for our readers: A level 30 will be about 25% faster than now, and a level 100 will be about 13% faster. A level 200 will be about 4% slower than now, and a level 300 will be about 17% slower. Please note, though, that the formula is still subject to change! So the TNA does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. The speed of monsters will be adjusted accordingly so that the relative proportions between the speed of monsters and characters will remain the same.
The new speed conditions will be simulated in a testing environment so we recommend interested readers to join this test if they get a chance.

Community of Adventurers up in Arms

TIBIA. After the PHG (Port Hope Gazette) published news about a higher activity of hydras in the dungeons of Tiquanda and other creatures under the city of apes - Banuta, the TNA is now receiving similar reports from several correspondents in Edron, Yalahar, and the Dwarven Empire. It remains to be seen if further reports about a higher monster activity will arrive within the next days. The spokesman for foreign affairs recommends adventurers to be careful while hunting: "We advise all brave adventurers to watch out for higher monster activities. Make sure to be either well prepared or to team up with other fighters until we know which spawns are affected!"

Peace between Monsters?

TIBIA. According to the journal of a dead explorer, evil forces have agreed to settle their differences so all monsters have stopped harming each other with their attacks. In addition, monsters with summons will not damage their own summons anymore. We expect some challenges to get tougher due to this cunning move, so be prepared when heading out on adventures!

New Winter Collection Out Now!

Finally, at the end of the year, we are proud to present the newest creation of our famous fashion designers: The brandnew, shiny and evil-looking DEMON OUTFIT. Made out of the remains of demons, this outfit will help to spread fear and terror among your enemies. Set yourself apart from others. Prove that you are worthy to wear the full dress: Finish the Annihilator Quest, the Demon Helmet Quest, and the Demon Oak Quest and get your own Demon Outfit now!

Official Announcement of his Beardedness, Emperor Kruzak

KAZORDOON. Friends, Dwarfs, countrymen, lend me your ears: Hereby, we declare the expansion of the Kazordoon ore wagon system open. Very soon, you will be able to use more ore wagon stations to travel faster and more comfortably within the Big Old One. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that we have signed a contract with Gewen, one of the carpet pilots. You can find her at the top of the mountain and can employ her services for a small fee. Regretfully, we also have some sad news to share. Many of our scouts, who were sent to keep track of reports about a new threat inside our kingdom have not returned yet. Due to the traces we have found recently, we assume that all of them are either captured or dead at this moment of time. Therefore, we would like to advise caution if you want to visit the deeper parts of Kazordoon.

Adventurers Looking for Young Adventurers

Adventurous guild, brave, bold, curious, loyal, skilled in magic and fighting, interested in solving quests, is looking for like-minded people to join their fellowship. If you are interested look out for an adventurer‘s stone or visit any temple servant for further information. We offer a safe promotion service as well.

Health Regeneration

TIBIA. It has been brought to our attention that a small, secret society of wizards recently performed a strange ritual which will have a pleasant effect for all Tibians, especially the younger ones: health will be restored more quickly! However, the improved health regeneration will only take effect if hit points fall below 150, if you are not hungry, if you are not inside a protection zone, and if you do not have a logout block. Also, it will only work until you have reached 150 hit points again. So regeneration above this point will continue to work as before.

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