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Nov 29 2012 -
Snippets from Testa and Testera
ince the start of the private test of the forthcoming winter update last week, our supported and promoted fansites are providing lots of great pictures, videos, and interesting information from the test servers. Also, some of you may have already read about the new content and features on our test board. So instead of just presenting stuff that you probably already heard of, we would like to share a few quick impressions of our test experiences with you this week.

You see a sign. You read: Help wanted! USE the door to enter!
Mirade and Tjured want to enter the magic door at the guildhall of the new Adventurer's Guild to offer their help to the scatterbrained sorcerer Eclesius. Thirsty for action, and full of courage, they cannot decide who has to take that leap first...
Tjured, Lionet, and a couple of testers are watching a wrestling match hosted by Knightmare down in Venore's Fighting Pits. While some of the spectators are obviously more interested in comparing their outfits, others are eagerly watching the show. Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out who brought along those nasty squirrels.
Rafzan, the ambitious goblin merchant dreams of becoming rich and leading the life of a goblin king without working his fingers to the bone. The Tibia News Agency got hold of this vivid painting thanks to a generous donor, and now wonders if Rafzan's dream could actually become reality somehow...
The exquisite new Venorean cabinets and drawers are an amazing addition to your home. If your cooking skills lack the refinement to offer your guests anything more than cheese, the new grandeur in Venore will certainly suffice to impress your guests.
This conglomeration of strange creatures had only just settled in right above a Corym cave when a force from above told them that which must not, can not be. So the motley crew went their separate ways again. Still, we got this heart-warming picture as a keepsake.
Testing new stuff can be quite exhausting. Fortunately, some players decided to show off their bartending skills and lent Boozer a hand. However, their food selection could use a serious overhaul to satisfy the refined taste of Venoreans. In any case, this picturesque scene perfectly illustrates the charms and surprises a test server may produce. We are looking forward to the public test, and hope to meet you there once it has started!

See you!
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