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Dec 06 2012 -
Pending State
ince we have opened the winter update test for premium accounts, many players have already tried out the new stuff and have visited the revamped Venore area.

Today, we would like to inform you about a technical feature that will be implemented with the winter update. In addition to the two already known states online and offline, we will introduce another state called pending. You will enter the pending state after you have selected a character during the login process. Once your character is loaded and ready to enter the game world, it will be placed on the map and be set to "online". While your character is in pending state, its name will appear orange in the VIP list and in the Flash client's private chat channels.
The pending state should prevent a known death scenario, where players still see the loading screen even though their character has already been placed on the map. Also, if your character dies, it will no longer be logged out and in again before you can resume your journeys in Tibia. It will enter the pending state instead. This means that once you re-appear in the temple, your channels and their contents will still be open. Also, your character will not be dismissed from a party anymore in case of death. Last but not least, if a creature you attacked dies while your character is in pending state, you will still be counted among its killers.

As you might have already read on the test board, we will also implement another content improvement with the winter update: the expansion of the tutorial for those who are rather new to Tibia. The Festival of Initiates on the Island of Destiny will give new players a chance to acquire some basic information about the vocations and try out some different fighting styles before making their choice. Furthermore, players will also be provided with an adventurer's stone before leaving the isle for good. This special item will grant you access to the Adventurers' Guild and their base. There, you can get further information about Tibia, and you can also find a shop, a bank, and the possibility to get your promotion.

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