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Dec 12 2012 -
Major Game Update 9.8
he waiting is over! The winter update 2012 has been released, and brings along new stuff. Before you head out to explore everything it has to offer, let us recap the content and features that are waiting for you:

One of your first visits should definitely lead you to Venore in order to see the city's new splendour yourself. The bustling city has undergone a remarkable renovation. Be amazed by the rich architecture and lavish décor that embellish all houses, buildings and streets. If you need a more down-to-earth experience after all this grandeur, you should stop by the swamp south-west of Venore. The whole area looks muddier and boggier than ever before, and you will come across a variety of new creatures. If you are rather looking for work, you may want to search the swamp for Norman The Foreman or the goblin merchant Rafzan.

In our second teaser, we informed you about various adjustments, for example:
In Kazordoon, the ore waggon system has been expanded, and a carpet pilot has started to offer her service in order to increase the accessibility of the dwarven city. Also, the mines in Kazordoon harbour new threats since the dwarfs obviously dug too deep. Be on your guard down there for you may run into bloodthirsty packs of the Lost.

The speed of all creatures in Tibia, including player characters, has been changed. While characters with a lower level walk faster now, the speed of characters with a higher level has been curbed. The speed of monsters has been adjusted accordingly. If you are interested in deeper information, you may want to read through the designated speed changes thread on the test board.
The new demon outfit can be obtained by experienced adventurers who manage to master three specific challenging quests. Also, some existing hunting grounds have been adjusted in order to improve your hunting experience. Check our list with additional information to find out where changes have been made. Moreover, monsters do not damage each other or their own summons anymore so you better be prepared when heading out to dungeons.

In order to offer a smoother start into the world of Tibia, we have expanded the tutorial by adding a small festival to the Island of Destiny where players can try out all vocations before making their choice. In addition, they are provided with an adventurer's stone which grants access to the Adventurers' Guild. If you have already left the Island of Destiny, you can also get a stone from temple priests. The Adventurers' Guild offers useful information about Tibia, and you can buy your promotion there, for example.
Last but not least, we have introduced a new state which your character will enter during the login process, or in case of death: the pending state. If you die, you will not lose your chat channels anymore, and will no longer be dismissed from a party due to this state. Characters in pending state will appear orange in the VIP list and in the Flash client's private chat channels.

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.8 from our download section.

See you in Tibia!
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