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Dec 13 2012 -
A Couple of Fixes
ith today's server save, a few fixes were implemented, for example:
  • We fixed an issue with the shared experience bonus. It is now calculated correctly again.
  • Carpet pilot Gewen now checks the premium status of characters correctly.
  • Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell: A couple of house fields in the backyard upstairs and downstairs were added to this house. Therefore, the price of the house has increased to 21,940 gold.
  • If you buy new Venorean furniture pieces, you can now rotate them correctly. Venorean furniture that was bought before the patch today, and could not be moved anymore after rotating it, can be destroyed by house owners.
  • The bonus reward from Norman the Foreman now triggers correctly.
  • The cake cabinet can no longer be bought from furniture shops. This piece of furniture will be obtainable otherwise, though.
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