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Feb 12 2013 -
Tibia Council
ibians, we would like to inform you about a new initiative to foster feedback exchange between players and the dev team in order to improve Tibia. Inspired by our positive experiences on previous update tests boards, we decided to start a pilot project called Tibia Council.

On specific boards in the new forum section "Council Boards", our devs want to discuss game relevant topics with selected players to create lists of suggestions together on how to improve the topics in discussion. We are mainly looking for solutions here that can be worked on and implemented rather quickly and directly. Also, a Tibia Council group will last for a certain time only, and it will focus on specific topics instead of broad areas of interest.

However, we would like to run this as a pilot project first so we will start with just one Tibia Council group. This group will focus on hunting grounds in Tibia. The content team and we community managers invited a couple of players to this group who caught our attention in a positive way because they diligently provided constructive criticism and valuable feedback during previous update tests, and also on our boards. We contacted the selected players in advance to make sure they want to participate. For more information on the Tibia Council for hunting grounds, check the welcome thread on the designated board.
Depending on our experiences and the outcome of the joint efforts in our pilot project, we may start further Tibia Council groups for other game relevant topics in the future.

Please note that all players are able to view Tibia Council boards so they can follow the discussions there and keep themselves up-to-date. However, only players that were invited to the Tibia Council Hunting Grounds will be able to post on the designated board.
Also, the private board of the PvP focus group has been moved to the Tibia Council forum section. This board, however, will remain private for the time being so only focus group members are able to view it and post there.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

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