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Dec 23 2000 -
Christmas Update
IP Productions proudly presents their Christmas gift to the Tibian community. Download the new client and enjoy an even larger and more diversified Tibia!

As you have stated in our poll, the biggest problem in Tibia was the small map with too few monsters. Therefore, we have created, with the great help of our map editors, six new areas:
  • Enlargement of the Newbie Island (by Knightmare)
  • Dwarves' Mountain, in the centre of Tibia (also by Knightmare)
  • Swamps, southeast of Dwarves' Mountain (by Aureus)
  • Desert, east of Mount Sternum (by Ciryon and Lord Harry)
  • Hills, north of Dwarves' Mountain (by Wastl and Conaria)
  • Orc Fortress, in the northeast of Tibia (by Muesli)
  • In these areas, you will also find new and dangerous monsters. Additionally, the powers and behaviours of some of the old monsters have changed, so be careful!

    There have been some minor changes according the gameplay. You can now use platinum coins to pay at the shops (1 platinum coin = 100 gold coins). Ladders will no longer disappear under heaps of rubbish, so this kind of trap is useless. Poisonous creatures (snakes, poison spiders, wasps, and scorpions) will really be poisonous. The effect of the poison will be stronger in the beginning and then fade away over time. Note that the priests in the temple of each town can heal you if you are poisoned.

    As Christmas is a peaceful time, we have temporarily abolished player killing. This means that you cannot attack other players directly or with magic missiles. Understand that it is forbidden to kill other players in general until 1st January. Player killing will be punished with banishments. Also, it is no longer possible to push other players into magic fields or down a hole. Next year, we will have a poll about keeping this state or returning (partly) to the old one.

    Go ahead now and log into the new Tibia. But remember that there is something more important now than such a game:
    Merry Christmas!

    Enjoy the holidays!
    Your CIP Team

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