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Apr 22 2013 -
Hunting Ground Changes - Tibia Council
n February this year, we informed you about a new initiative to improve Tibia with your help. Therefore, we started a new project, the Tibia Council.

The first Tibia Council group focused on hunting grounds, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank all council members for their dedicated work, their constructive and creative feedback. Also, a big thank you to all players who gave constructive feedback via the corresponding thread in the Auditorium or on the Gameplay board.

During the last weeks, our content team evaluated your feedback and worked on the changes regarding certain hunting grounds. Now, that we are done with the internal testing there is no reason to wait any longer. Therefore, we will release a new patch with tomorrow's server save including the following changes:

New hunting grounds:

  • Ankrahmun surroundings: a terramite dungeon was added in the desert.
  • Nibelor: a new dungeon with ice golems and crystal spiders was added.
  • Port Hope - Tiquanda: a new carniphila dungeon can be found in the jungle.
  • Svargrond Barbarian Camp: a new hunting area with ice golems, crystal spiders, and ice witches was created.
  • Svargrond Formorgar Glacier: dungeons with stone golems, gargoyles, frost dragons, frost dragon hatchlings, crystal spiders, and quara scouts were added. Also, the environment was changed a bit.
  • Svargrond surroundings: a new special mammoth cave was added.
  • Yalahar: a new hunting ground with war golems was placed in the Factory Quarter.
  • Zao Muggy Plains: a new dungeon with lizard chosens was implemented.
  • Zao Steppe: a new area with gnarlhounds was added.

    Changes on existing hunting grounds:

  • Ankrahmun Oasis Tomb
  • Edron Wyvern Hill
  • Laguna Island
  • Tiquanda
  • Svargrond Barbarian Camp
  • Svargrond Formorgar Cave
  • Svargrond Formorgar Glacier
  • Svargrond Formorgar Mines
  • Yalahar Factory Quarter
  • Zao Razachai
  • Zao Steppe

    Please note that some of the adjustments on the existing hunting grounds are minor and hard to notice, while other changes might be very obvious. Also, we advise you to be careful while exploring the new dungeons and the changed areas.

    In addition, we adjusted the loot of several monsters, and edited the spell behaviour and armour of carniphilas. We have also moved the NPC Buddel from east of the barbarian camp to north of the barbarian camp.

    For further information concerning the hunting ground changes, please have a look at the corresponding thread on the Council board.
    The new patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you experience any problems, you can also download the new stand-alone client version 9.86 from our download section.

    Please note that the preview worlds Aurera and Aurora are not part of this update. The hunting ground changes will be added to both preview worlds together with the upcoming PvP changes. We plan to release a new patch for Aurera and Aurora later this week.

    Have fun!
    Your Community Managers

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