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May 29 2013 -
The Haunted Ruins of Drefia
listering heat, rough sand, no refreshing breeze. A deadly silence fills this place, the foul and rotten smell of decay is lingering in the wind. Corrupted by necromancers, the city and its inhabitants were doomed. They paid the price...
What was once a noble and glamorous place is now an almost forgotten ruin, hidden and sunken in the desert. Ruled by dark cultists and bloodthirsty undead, a sanctuary for those who cannot die, a home of living bones. Mysterious and bloody rituals in the depth, watched with dark interest by many eyes.

Old and ancient beasts waiting for fresh flesh to satisfy their hunger. An evil lord in search of pristine blood to quench his endless thirst. Dread and fear, blood and bones, dominate this place.
Once again, the brave adventurers of Tibia are called to arms to fight against the constant and deadly threat which occupied Drefia aeons ago. But be warned: Courage alone will not let you survive, and the omnipresence of death might fill your hearts with despair...

This summer update, the old ruins of Drefia will receive a new look. Besides the old and known menace that awaits you down in the depth of this ruin you will have to face new and yet unknown creatures of the dark.

Be brave, Tibians!
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