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Dec 16 2003 -
Christmas Update
t is Christmas again and like every year we present a major update. All you need to do is to start your Tibia client. The update will be installed automatically. Please note that you should not use a changed graphics library for your client or the patching of the client will fail. If the automatic update does not work for you, you can also download the complete client from our website.

Here is a list of the most important new features and changes. Please read it carefully!

  • A new area near Carlin and some revised areas like Ulderek's Rock. Also, there are some new items and monsters to discover.
  • New character outfits (for Premium Account players) as well as improved graphics.
  • A quest system! We have revised many quests and treasure places in Tibia. As a consequence there will be real rewards for the difficult quests, among them some legendary items.
  • Monsters are smarter now and use more varied combat tactics. Be careful when approaching stronger monsters!
  • Automatic marking of aggressive players and player killers on all worlds where player vs. player combat is enabled. Please read the new manual page carefully.
  • New Tibia Rules! We ask all of you to read the new rules. Everybody should follow them to make sure that Tibia is fun for everybody.
  • Tutors! Players who like to help other players may become tutors if they meet certain requirements and pass a special test. Tutors assist other players with questions about the game. A detailed tutor guide can be found here.
  • Also, there are many minor changes such as automatic disconnection of inactive characters, replacement of the "Amulet of Life" and diagonal movement of characters and monsters.

  • We hope you enjoy the new features!
    Your CipSoft Team

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