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Jun 05 2013 -
New PvP Rule Set and Hardcore PvP Worlds
fter an extensive preview phase, we released the new basic rules for PvP today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players who gave us constructive feedback about this topic during the last months. With today's release, the preview phase on Aurora and Aurera is now over.

Our main reason for implementing this new PvP rule set despite the controversial feedback we received during the preview phase is that we need a more transparent PvP system as a basis to build on. A basis which the old PvP system did not provide sufficiently due to too many loopholes.
The transparency of the new basic rules for PvP finally makes it possible to clearly assess who participates in a PvP fight and in which way. This kind of information provides the foundation we need to work on future improvements such as redesigning the unjust kill system to better reflect the level of participation in a kill, a new war system, PvP highscores, and other incentives to take part in PvP fights.

One of the most noticeable changes on Open PvP worlds is that you can now choose between 4 predefined PvP modes which determine what kind of PvP actions your character can perform, and whether you will block another character or not: the dove mode (default setting on Open PvP worlds), the white hand mode, the yellow hand mode, and the red fist mode. This means that you can now walk through another character on Open PvP game worlds if both your character and the character you are about to walk through are not involved in the same active PvP situation. Also, swapping is no longer possible in a PvP situation.
Also note that characters that are in the same guild or party do not block or deal damage to each other anymore (e.g. by casting an area spell) with one exception: If you and a member of your party or guild attack the same opponent together, both of you can also block or deal damage to each other. Please check our manual for further information about the new PvP rules. If you are interested in reading up on the discussion during the preview phase, we recommend you to check the feedback threads on Aurora or Aurera.

Besides, we set up the two new Hardcore PvP worlds Calva and Calvera today. Both worlds are free-to-move worlds which means they are open for world transfers from any other game world type: Optional PvP, Open PvP, and Hardcore PvP. Characters from Aurora or Aurera cannot move to these new worlds, though, since it is generally impossible to transfer characters from or onto a preview game world.
Please note: If you move your character to one of the two free-to-move game worlds but want to transfer away again after 6 months, you can only move back to a game world of the same PvP-type as your original world or to an even more restricted PvP world than your original game world. For example: A character that was transferred to Calva or Calvera from an Optional PvP world can only move back to Optional PvP worlds, or it can be transferred to the other free-to-move game world. All other restrictions for world transfers also apply to Calva and Calvera.

Last but not least, the additional server log information about a character death is now available on all game worlds. The bug that led to incorrect information about the Twist of Fate blessing was fixed.

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.0 from our download section.

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