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Jun 04 2013 -
oyal Army Headquarters
Tibian Bureau of Investigation - Chester Kahs
The Royal Lane

Case file: Drefia

Bad news Captain!
It seems that I have to confirm the fears of His Royal Highness. The ruins of Drefia are way more than just a dead place. Well, actually it is an undead place. Let me explain.

Of course, we were aware of the fact that a necromancer cult is ruling Drefia, and we knew that undead and other creatures were living there. Nevertheless, the rumors His Royal Highness heard, and which were the reason we started an investigation there, are true.
Bloody rituals are going on down in the ruins. Dark summoners I have never seen before are worshiping a dark god. I could not find out the name of this deity yet but it is obvious that the pale-faced cultists are doing some blood sacrifices. All the time you can hear their diabolic sing-song: "Blood for the dark god!". Have a look, I managed to draw up a rough draft for you.

Unfortunately, that is not the worst news bit. The vampire race down in Drefia gains strength as well. A new kind of these bloodsuckers has settled there now. They call themselves vampire nobles and are even more dangerous and bloodthirsty than their known brothers. I attached another rough draft to this report so you can get an idea.
Right now, I cannot say if there is any connection between the blood cult of the dark summoners and those vampire nobles.
Also, there are further signs that much more is hidden in the ruins. More than anyone of us had thought. I found traces of creatures I could not identify.

To sum it up: Something wicked is going on in Drefia. I suggest further investigation and I also request a bigger team to get to the bottom of this new menace.

Waiting for further instructions!
Hail to the King!