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Jun 19 2013 -
Mutation of the Nature
ear Spectulus,

My old friend. I hope you are doing well and I am very sorry to disturb you but I have to share something with you. You are not going to believe this. Well, let me start from the beginning.

Some days ago, I decided to travel to Carlin to visit the city library since I have never been there before. So I took the ship from Edron to Ab'Dendriel. From there I continued by foot because I wanted to admire the beautiful nature and wildlife. After a while, I could see Carlin from afar. All that was left to pass were some tree houses that reminded me of the elvish town I had just left.

As a druid and a member of the explorer society, I have seen a lot of things in my life, and many of them were missing a good and logical explanation, but what I have seen here was just… incredible...
When I was walking between those tree houses, straight towards Carlin, I got attacked by a pile of leaves all of a sudden. Yes, LEAVES! Creatures as tall as a cyclopes, giants made of countless leaves and twigs. I had not seen them coming as they were blending in perfectly with trees and bushes. What a deadly surprise. I climbed up to one of the tree houses… but not to save my life as I first had thought. When I was standing there on a wooden platform, trying to recover my breath and watching the deadly leaf creatures from above I heard a strange noise. It sounded like horse hooves on a wooden floor. I turned around and in the twinkling of an eye I was confronted with…

Half horse, half woman. Her green eyes were full of bloodlust and one look into her face convinced me that it would be a waste of time to ask for mercy. On the head, they grew a pair of antlers that would even make a kingly deer go green with envy. Instead of hands, she had two big paws with long and sharp claws. Not a moment too soon I used my magic shield, and started to run. Without the magic shield I would have been killed by the powerful paw swipe that hit my back. Alas, my luck was short lived. While I tried to escape the fury on my tail, another leaf creature attacked me head-on. It looked even more aggressive and stronger than the ones which attacked me down on the surface. I could not escape, they were everywhere. I knew that I was close to death and that I had only one chance left: the possibility that those creatures are not able to sense invisibility. So I put on a stealth ring and… well… I defied death once again. Obviously, they couldn't see me anymore and I made a quick getaway.

What an adventure, don't you agree? Now, while I am writing this letter to you I wonder if there is any connection between this mutation of nature and those creatures near Ulderek's Rock you mentioned recently. You called them rorcs, didn't you?

Yours sincerely!

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