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Jun 26 2013 -
Raids, Raids, Raids
aids in Tibia have always been a topic of interest to many players.

The winter update 2011 included an adjustment of Tibia's raid system. However, we received reports in the following months in which players informed us about their impression that raids are happening less frequently than before the update, or even not at all anymore. This feedback prompted us to conduct an extensive and thorough investigation of the whole raid system. Once the gathered data had been analysed, we were able to identify the problems that had led to the unwanted negative side-effect. In the end, a revision of the whole raid system was necessary to address these issues. So the first good news is: We are going to fix the raid system with the forthcoming summer update. And we have more in store for you...

While being at it, we also reevaluated raids in general, and decided to ramp up their frequency. As you probably know, once a raid has taken place, it takes some time until this specific raid happens again. This time interval also differs from raid to raid. So what will change?
On average and in comparison to how it was before the winter update 2011, the time interval for each raid will be reduced by at least 20%, for some raids it will even be reduced by as much as 50%. Legendary boss raids such as Ferumbras or Orshabaal, for example, will keep their special status and only spawn rarely.
In addition to the already existing raids, the first part of the summer update will bring along about 50 new raids that are scattered all across the Tibian lands. Also, you can already look forward to new boss raids that will be introduced with the second part of the summer update.

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