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Aug 07 2013 -
The Spike
nomish Poetry for Beginners...

A small crystal once, flawless and pure.
A seed to take root, a resource to secure.

A long time passed under gnomish care;
It's a military base now for we need to prepare.

It continues to grow into the depths of the earth;
A solid structure of unspeakable worth.

It catches the glimmer of gnomish hope.
Admire its beauty, and do not mope!

On its different levels, we need your help.
Everyone is welcome, old hand or whelp.

Raise the defences, be ready to strike!
Preserve the integrity of our precious SPIKE!

We'll use your expertise where it is most needed.
Your skills and abilities won't go unheeded.

Close to the surface, young ones don't need to hide,
While greater dangers are lurking deep inside.

Raise the defences, be ready to strike!
Earn our respect and help the SPIKE!