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Aug 09 2013 -
he time of hiding is finally over. No retreat anymore, no surrender. Now, it is time to strike back at our enemies. Now, it is time to give them the shivers! Now, it is time to unveil the secret work of centuries. Now, it is time to demonstrate the power of the Spike!

Unfortunately, the fight against our foes is a fight on many fronts. That's why we are looking for volunteers who want to come to fame. Our brothers and sisters of the gnomebase alpha informed us about the bravery and courage of some human warriors who are helping them to defend the base against those below.

Therefore, we decided to open the gates of our Spike as well and to grant everyone access who is willing to fight. If you want to do more for us than just fighting you are welcome to join our side and to help us with some tricky missions. We will not trust anybody blindly, though. If you want to join us you need to earn our respect here by managing some special tasks. We know that the human fighting skills differ widely and we focus more on efficiency than on pure muscular strength. For that reason, you will only be able to accept challenges according to your abilities. Everything else would be a waste of resources.

So, if you still want to help us, enter the Spike and ask our officers for missions. They will send you to the battlefields that fit your expertise best. If you manage to earn our respect and to gain enough fame we will reward you with the possibility to obtain your own cave explorer outfit.

If you are not interested in respect and glory, honour and pride, just help us to fight our enemies. Everyone is welcome to join the battle and there are enough foes for all of you!

Let's fight!