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Aug 09 2013 -
Measure to Alleviate Impact of DDoS Attacks
uring the last week, players had to suffer from the negative effects of ongoing malicious DDoS attacks against our servers and our service provider. We received lots of feedback from you about this which we took to heart.

With today's server save, we implemented a measure to mitigate the negative impact that such extensive connection issues obviously have on your game experience.

If your death counts as a PvE death, this means any death that is not a PvP death, and is a direct consequence of exceptional connection issues such as a heavy DDoS attack, you will not receive any death penalty. You will be teleported to the temple but you will neither lose experience, nor skills, nor items, nor blessings, nor an Amulet of Loss.

Of course, we will also continue to work on improving the protection of our servers in close cooperation with our service provider to offer a trouble free game experience, and to ensure that you can enjoy Tibia.

We would like to thank you again for your patience, and we sincerely apologise for the loss of fun and for the frustration you had to put up with due to these connection issues.

Thank you!
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