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Aug 14 2013 -
Reward to Whom Reward is Due!
long with the second part of this year's summer update, we are going to implement a brand new feature for the bravest among the Tibians: A new reward system for boss fights.

Have you ever assisted in killing the mighty Ferumbras, or joined a team to bring down the evil Orshabaal, and you always came away empty-handed? Then this new reward system will please you for sure.

With the summer update, we will add a mechanism to the game which will not only reward one single player for his courage but almost everyone who joins the fight against evil menaces such as Ferumbras, Orshabaal or Morgaroth, for example.

How will this new system work?

Picture this: A team of brave players is going to kill Ferumbras. After the heroes managed to slay him, there is a chance for everyone who helped fighting him to be rewarded.
That means, everyone who took an active part in the fight against Ferumbras will get the chance to receive his own reward. So all damage dealers, all blockers, as well as players who supported the fighters with healing, for example, will have the chance of an individual loot.

Once the boss is down, everyone who counts as an active member of the fighting team will be able to open the corpse. Now, you will see a new kind of loot bag. The loot bag will contain individual loot for every fighting team member according to his participation during the fight. In short: The more you took part in the fight, the better is your chance of a reward.

Furthermore, a new reward chest will be added to the Adventurers' Guild. So, you get the option to either take your reward from the dead body or to take it out of your reward chest. If you already looted the dead body, your reward chest will be empty. If you have not looted it, the reward will be stored in the chest for seven days.

For further information, please read our FAQs in the corresponding thread in the Auditorium.

Please note: The new reward system is just a first step. Therefore, we will only implement the new mechanism for a few bosses at the beginning. We want to analyse and evaluate the new reward system before we will add it to further bosses. That also means that we might adjust the system during the test phase and after the update.

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