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Aug 21 2013 -
Further improvements on the Latest DDoS Measures
ith today's server save, the recently introduced measures to alleviate the impact of DDoS attacks will be finetuned and improved further. For this reason, the server save will take longer than usual.

With these improvements, we hope to be able to identify more character deaths in the future as a consequence of heavy connection issues, as they appear in massive DDoS attacks.

Since the server needs some time to analyse the situation that caused a character death, it cannot compensate you for your character's death immediately. For this reason, your character will be compensated upon one of your next logins.
Your skill and experience loss will be given back to you, and you will receive blessing charms in your inbox for your lost blessings. You will be notified about this compensation in the client.

We hope that these improvements will indeed alleviate the negative consequences you might be suffering from future DDoS attacks.

If you are interested in further information concerning our approaches and plans on how to solve the current difficulties, we would like to remind you about Craban's DDoS Blog on the Technical Support Board.

Thank you!
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