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Aug 26 2013 -
Monsters Getting Smart and Clever!
ecently, we presented you the new reward system that will be implemented along with the second part of this year's summer update.

With this teaser we want to inform you about another new feature which will be part of the upcoming update:

Artificial Intelligence for Monsters!

Together with the new reward system, a few new boss monsters will be added to the game. All of them will come with the new monster AI. This means that the behaviour of those bosses will be a totally new experience. Every single one of them will act individually. Also, it could happen that the environment of the bosses or any other detail will play an important part during the battle. So keep your eyes open if you set out to face one of the new bosses!

Since every new boss will get its own monster AI, the battles will differ from each other. Please understand that we cannot give you any detailed information about what kind of reactions are to be expected from the bosses nor can we explain how exactly the fights will proceed. This is something you have to find out while playing and we do not want to spoil the fun and the challenge. Of course, the new reward system will work for all new bosses as well.

Please note: The new monster AI is just a first step. Therefore, we will only implement the new mechanism for a few bosses at the beginning. Just like the new reward system, we want to analyse and evaluate the monster AI before we will add it to further monsters. That also means that we might adjust the system during the test phase and after the update.

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