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Aug 29 2013 -
The Challenger II
pecial Issue Thais, Venore, Carlin: 99 gps / Svargrond, Port Hope, Darashia: 120 gps / Liberty Bay: 129 gps


- Quests are for Heroes -
Dear readers, subscribers, and fans of THE CHALLENGER,

We would like to announce the release of the second special issue of the year. It is not a secret anymore that the gnomes are searching for volunteers again to help them in their fight against a yet unknown enemy. Also, it seems that a number of bosses have sharpened their mind, and thereby, some fights are likely to become more challenging. Furthermore, rumour has it that in certain boss battles rewards will only be bestowed upon those who took part in the fight. Since you are already aware of these news, we want to focus this issue on further changes and new stuff we have heard of. Enjoy the latest gossip in THE CHALLENGER!

Your Challengers
Advertising: News from the Adventurers' Guild

Do you want to know what kind of adventures are waiting for you? Are you interested in proving your courage but you lack the time or the money to visit the Towncryer in Thais? Then we have the very thing for you: the world board. On this board, we will announce all active mini world changes to inform you all day and night about what is going on. What are you waiting for? Get your adventurer's stone at any temple, travel to the Adventurers' Guild for free, and check it out. See you there!

It's all about adventures!
Your friends from the AG!

The Spirit Grounds

In our last issue, we published a letter of one of our readers who shared his discovery about a new challenge: The Fury Gates. In the wake of his letter, we received many other reports about weird and strange happenings in certain places in Tibia. According to these reports, similar portals can occasionally be found in Drefia, close to Vengoth, and in the Ghostlands near Carlin. It seems that in contrast to the Fury Gates, one of the aforementioned portals is always open. However, you do not know what kind of challenge awaits you inside unless you enter those Spirit Grounds. Sometimes, they are filled with monsters like ghosts, ghouls, bonelords, and mummies. On another day, you may find nightstalkers, banshees, souleaters, and braindeaths inside. Other readers told us that they faced nightmares, nightmare scions, spectres, and phantasms there. If you enter one of the three portals, you will find the Gate Keeper who is willing to share his knowledge about these strange Spirit Grounds. That is all we heard so far. THE CHALLENGER has already sent out a team to explore these places further.

It's a Kind of Magic

For a long time, heroes complained about the challenges that are commonly known as "Their Master's Voice" and "The Mage's Tower". Often, the hard work, either to kill enough yielothax or to remove enough slime fungus to finally face the raging or the mad mage, did not pay off. In both cases, passers-by who did not lift a finger to help, snatched away the reward by killing the mage. In this issue, THE CHALLENGER proudly presents exclusive information on this matter.

Our correspondent in Edron got the news straight from a researcher of the Magic Academy. It seems that the mad mage has managed to put so much force behind his attacks that he can only be reached by those who gobbled away enough slime to give their feet sufficient grip to withstand his vicious blows. Also, our correspondent shared reports with us that the raging mage will only show himself to those who have proven themselves worthy in the dimensional struggle against the yielothax.
Furthermore, he gave us the following clue when asked about the payoff of these battles: "Reward to whom reward is due!" This sounds interesting enough for us to investigate this further.

Reader's Letter: Warzone

My friends of THE CHALLENGER,

A few days ago, a guild mate told me that something has changed about the green crystal stalagmite which you have to use in order to access Deathstrike's dungeon in the first warzone. It seems that you can no longer prevent the teleport from getting fully charged. I would like to encourage you to send out a team to get to the bottom of this rumour.

A curious reader