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Mar 08 2004 -
Recent Banishments Due to Cheating
large number of players have been banished during the past few days because we have found definite evidence that they have been using cheat tools. We would ask any of those players not to contact us because of this. The banishments may be tough, but they are entirely justified because the use of cheat tools is a serious violation of Tibia rules 3 c and d. For this reason we will not lift or reduce any of the banishments imposed for the use of cheat tools during the last few days.

Also, we would like to underline the fact that we have not simply banished the accounts to punish a rule violation. In fact, the players have been banished for their own protection. We have found that the used cheat tool was designed to hack its users, so all concerned accounts were under serious threat of being hacked! The maker of the tool has made sure he could easily request the account data by using a backdoor in the program. This is the reason why many players have recently been hacked.

Please understand that any illegal software that modifies or enhances the official client may contain a backdoor to open up your account to hackers. All Tibia players who are using such software should remove this software immediately and change their passwords at once! Please note that neither a virus scanner nor a firewall will be able to protect your account if somebody is hacking you via a modified client.

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team

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