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Mar 09 2004 -
Test Server for Minor Update
e have improved the player killing mark system (skulls) which was introduced with the Christmas Update. A public test server is now running so that you can test the changes. The official update, also including several new quests, will take place in the next days.

A new party mode replaces the old duel mode (green skulls). By right-clicking other characters and selecting invite to party, you can invite them to your party. They can accept your invitation by right-clicking your character and selecting join XXX's party. The inviting player becomes the leader of the party and all joining invitees will become members of the party. Players within the same party all have a green skull, allowing them to attack each other without consequences. You can leave the party when you're allowed to logout (no logout-block) by right-clicking yourself and selecting leave party. When the party leader leaves the party, the leadership will be automatically forwarded to the oldest member of the party. Additionally you can always pass your leadership to any member of the party by right-clicking a member and selecting pass leadership. All party-states of the characters are indicated by a small shield-symbol beside the character:
golden shield = this character is the leader of your party;
blue shield = this character is a member of your party;
white/golden shield = this character invites you to his party;
white/blue shield = this character has been invited to your party, but hasn't accepted yet.

Another improvement is that whenever a skull is about to vanish it flashes for about 5 seconds. During this time the skull is still valid/active, but you know that it will be gone in a moment.

Please note that there is now an automatic banishment for excessive unjustified player killing. Players who reach twice the amount of unjustified kills that are needed to get a red skull, will be banished automatically for 15 days.

We invite you to join the public test. To do so, please make a copy of your Tibia folder (you won't be able to login at the official server with the new version!), execute the copied Tibia file, check the option Test Server Login in the network preferences, and login. Then you will receive a patch for your client.

The player data were taken from the backup of March 5th, so you will perhaps have to use your old password. All quest doors have been locked, so you won't be able to solve any quests. Please report all errors you detect to a tutor, counsellor, or gamemaster.

Kind regards,
Your CipSoft Team