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Sep 18 2013 -
Major Game Update 10.20
pdate time again. The second part of the Tibia summer update 2013 has just been released and is finally online.

Did you miss the previous teasers, or do not remember them properly? No worries! We have a short summary of the new stuff and all changes that are waiting for you. Keep reading and enjoy the update:

A new and yet unknown area is waiting for you. The Spike. Again, the gnomes are searching for help and backup in their war against an unknown enemy. It does not matter if you are unexperienced, very skilled, or a master of your vocation. There are different challenges waiting for you. The gnomes will honour your bravery and courage with the possibility to obtain the new cave explorer outfit. Make sure to pay them a visit in the Spike.

Along with the second part of the update, we added a brand new feature for some bosses. A totally revamped reward system for a few existing, but also new bosses. From now on, everyone who participates in a fight against the affected bosses, will have the chance to get his individual loot depending on his own participation level during the fight. Furthermore, a reward chest was added to the Adventurer's Guild where you can find your loot if you have not managed it to get it from the dead body for any reason. The loot will be available in your reward chest for seven days.

In addition to the new reward system, another innovation was implemented with this update: Artificial Intelligence for Monsters! Eight new bosses made it into the game and everyone of them has its own individual and special behaviour. Even the environment of the bosses might matter if you decide to fight against one of them.

If you are interested in mini world changes, you should visit the Adventurer's Guild more often. A new world board was set up there. On this board, you can now check which mini world changes are going on right now.

With the first part of this year's summer update, we have added the fury gates. With this update, we implemented another, similar area: The Spirit Grounds. Three possible entrances will lead you to varying challenges.

Furthermore, we adjusted the world changes "Their Master's Voice" and "The Mage's Tower" to make it more fair. Now, only players who participate to a certain extent are able to join the battle against each of the mages.

Last but not least, we added an antialiasing option to the game. To either turn the antialiasing on or off, please open your graphic option and choose your preferred setting.

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.20 from our download section.

Have fun!
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