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Mar 15 2004 -
Update of the Tibia Client to Version 7.24
fter the test period has been finished successfully a new minor update of the Tibia client is now available. You will automatically receive a patch for your client to the new version at the next login.

The update includes a few new features. The party mode replaces the old duel mode. To get more details about this change please read carefully the new manual pages about player killing and the party mode. Please note that there is now an automatic banishment for excessive killing of characters who are not marked with a "skull". Players who reach twice the amount of unjustified kills that are needed to get a red skull will be banished or deleted automatically. Finally, there are several minor changes on the map of Tibia. For example, now you can rent some new houses and solve new quests.

Beside the update of Tibia we want to announce that there are several new gamemasters who will watch over Tibia. Please see this list if you want to know who the current gamemasters are. We will soon ease the work of the gamemasters by reforming the banishment system. Just keep an eye on the news for more details about the next coming updates.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team