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Oct 29 2013 -
Smart-Click Feature for Tibia Flash Client
oday, we have released a new Flash client feature on our preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera which allows you to customise your mouse control. Furthermore, we have added a new preset mouse control to the already existing ones: Left Smart-Click.

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If you smart-click on a field, your character will perform the most obvious action. Depending on whether or not a creature or an item is placed on a field, the smart-click will let your character walk to the field, attack the monster or player on it, use or look at an item on it, or address the NPC on it with "Hi" if possible. The smart-click is assigned to the left mouse button if you choose the Left Smart-Click control in the mouse control section in the options menu.
Additionally, we have added an animated mouse cursor for the Left Smart-Click control. If you have ticked the corresponding box, and move your mouse pointer over a specific field, a small icon next to the pointer indicates the action your character will perform if you click there.

We have also improved the Tibia Classic Control by assigning the smart-click to the right mouse button in this preset. Therefore, this preset is now called Right Smart-Click, or Advanced Classic Control. The regular mouse control is now referred to as Keymodified Left-Click.
Moreover, it is now possible to create your own set of mouse controls. In the mouse control section in the options menu, you can customise which action you want to assign to which mouse button if you do not want to use one of the three presets, or want to modify one of them a bit. You can even assign an action to your mouse wheel so that it will be triggered if you click on the middle button.

For now, this new Flash client feature is only available on Aurora and Aurera since we want to see if everything works as intended before releasing it on all game worlds. If you use the Tibia Flash client to play on a preview world, the necessary patch will download automatically. If you use the stand-alone client to play on a preview world, you need to download and install a special client version which you can find in the download section.
If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions for improvements of this feature, let us know in the feedback thread. You can also find short explanations of the different presets there.

Have fun!
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