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Oct 30 2013 -
Happy Halloween!
t is time again to decorate your houses and guildhalls with spiderwebs, pumpkinheads, decorative skeletons and bats. Visit the famous Halloween Hare, and to get transformed into an evil creature to conquer your fear. The Halloween Hare will show up on mainland and on Rookgaard on October 31.

But it is also time again to prove your courage! From server save October 31 till server save November 3, the terrifying Mutated Pumpkin will appear west of Darashia to cause mayhem all over the land.

A few adjustments have been added to this event:
  • We added the new reward system to the Mutated Pumpkin. Those who took an active part in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin will be rewarded according to their participation during the fight.
  • Furthermore, it is still possible to enter the portal after the Mutated Pumpkin was killed, and to skin its corpse with an obsidian knife to receive a second reward. Please note that you can only enter the teleport if you have participated in the fight against the Mutated Pumpkin and if you either opened the loot bag in the dead body or your loot bag in the reward chest at the Adventurer's Guild.
  • We have also changed the look of the yummy gummy worms. They are now coloured.
Be strong and enjoy your pumpkin soup!
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