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Nov 13 2013 -
Wake Me!
hat... what is this? Where am I? This cannot be true! Is this real or just my absurd fantasy? Am I trapped inside a dream? No way to run, no way to hide, no sanctuary, no escape!

I am lost in a labyrinth of a broken reality! What perfidious mind was the architect of this surreal world? This place, a withered and devastated ruin! A realm of chaos! The abyss of despair! Oh alas! Please wake me!

The wind is filled with the screams of a thousand tormented souls. An endless storm of lamentation! Telling an eternal story of sorrow and pain... the song of doom.
I am caught, a prisoner of my own imagination! My darkest fears became reality. Deformed creatures that should not exist, are stalking me. Driven by a never-ending hunger and wickedness! My heart is filled with panic and dismay. I can feel their icy and rotten breath. I can hear their evil laughter. Their sharp teeth and claws are waiting to taste living flesh, my flesh! The gates between reality and dream were opened, and living nightmares were unleashed on this place. Horror and agony are ruling this land.

Darkness is imprisoning me. Nothing seems to be real anymore. Please tell me that I'm dreaming! Oh please, wake me! All my experience, all my strength, all my courage, worth nothing! My sword, my magic, useless against these horrible demons. I fought in a hundred battles, I challenged death and survived... but this fight I cannot win… This is my own living hell…

No salvation, no hope! I am lost… and cannot flee… wake me! WAKE ME!

Brace yourselves, Tibians!
This winter, your nightmares are coming true!