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Nov 19 2013 -
In Victory or Death!
he Inquisition
Henricus, Lord Inquisitor
Harbour Street

Milord Henricus,

Your vision was right. The darkest nightmare came true! We found the island of your dreams east of Darashia. After we anchored we went on shore to explore it. The attacks started instantly as we set foot on the ground. Due to the explicit warning of his Lordship, we were prepared. We managed to drive back the first wave of these unholy creatures. Immediately, we began to make our camp and to organise our defence. A few skirmishes followed but after some hours all creatures were either dead or fled.

The camp seems to be safe, for now. It is surrounded by water and rocks that should provide an adequate protection against the evil breed.

Without the intensive warnings of his Lordship, the blessing of the churches, and our experience, I am sure that none of us would be alive anymore. After we managed to fight off these first attacks, we carefully started exploring our surroundings. Many of my men have died while trying to map the isle. We fought against creatures that I have neither seen before nor did I believe that they would exist, not even in my darkest dreams. Their existence is nothing but pure blasphemy against the good gods.

So far, we have been able to repulse the enemy over and over again and to broaden our territory. However, we encountered a problem: A big river divides the landmass into two parts and the only way across is an old bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge was destroyed and needs to be repaired. Our excursion is not prepared to fulfil such a endeavour, though. We know how to rebuild it to ensure a permanent passage, but we lack the materials. It seems that we can find the required resources here but due to the immense menace and the continuing attacks I cannot spare one single man to look for the necessary construction materials. I need all my men to keep the monsters at bay.

Furthermore, we spotted an enormous wall in the distance on the other side of the river. Once we succeed in crossing the bridge, we will have to breach this monument. As things currently look, I expect more heavy resistance. Most likely, we can only reach the area behind the wall at great cost of life. Only the gods know what kind of challenges and diabolic beasts will await us there. I have the feeling that pure evil is waiting there to be unleashed. I expect the worst.

Therefore, I kindly request more troops. However, I highly recommend his Lordship to send only elite units. We need fearless fighters and only the best will have a chance to survive here. We do not have any use for warriors that lay down their arms at the first sign of a deadly threat. There are only two options to leave this island once you are here: In victory or death!

Waiting for the response of his Lordship.