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Nov 21 2013 -
On the Battlefield
andomo: "Lieutenant, how is the situation in the field?"

Lieutenant: "Commander, the situation is still under control, but the enemies are strong and it seems that their number is endless, as if any bad dream that was ever dreamed has come to life on this accursed island. We sustain heavy casualties and need more troops."

Sandomo: "A messenger is already on the way to Lord Henricus to request reinforcements. What about the bridge?"

Lieutenant: "While the bridge is safe, the area itself is still full of threats, though. At least, our men have already named the abominations they have to face every night and day. Frazzlemaws and guzzlemaws are almost everywhere and try to devour anything that gets in their way. Their big sharp teeth cut through our armors as if they are made out of cheese, and they are as fast as the wind. Furthermore, we found some evidence that there exists an even bigger one of them. The traces lead to a cave, but we are waiting for your command to break in."

Sandomo: "Mh. Not yet. We will wait for the reinforcements. If that cave is really the residence of some kind of leader I do not want to risk the life of more men. Do we still bring in adequate supplies of materials for the bridge?"

Lieutenant: "Well, Commander, we are missing several warriors which were supposed to collect more materials in the caves around. According to what I am told by the soldiers, strange things are happening there. They saw how their comrades entered the caves but they never returned, even though there were no signs of hostile activity. However, I have some good news as well. I sent a patrol to search for the missing men. Neither hide nor hair of them was found, but the men were able to tame some of the creatures that are roaming around the caves. So, now we have a cavalry. We have still a hard time to keep those silencer beasts and shock heads at bay, though."

Sandomo: "Well done, Lieutenant. I want you to send another patrol to investigate those caves. We have to know what is going on there. Any news about the wall?"

Lieutenant: "Yes Commander. We were able to breach it. We encountered massive resistance but we could break the enemy's lines and our troops are now exploring the area behind. Right now, I am waiting for news from the front line. Our messenger will be here at any moment. Ah. There he comes!"

Messenger: "OH GODS! WE ARE DOOMED!... WE…"

Lieutenant: "Soldier, who do you think you are talking to? Report step by step! What is going on behind the wall?"

Messenger: "Milord Commander, Lieutenant, please excuse my behaviour. The terror I have seen is just too dreadful.
Once we passed the wall, we came upon an old ruined town. It all looked so strange and surreal. Imminent danger was in the wind. Nevertheless, we had the order to explore the area and so we did. We found an entry to the deeper levels of the city. Partially, it looks like an abandoned prison. Half of us entered the basement while the other half started to scout the area around.
Then, all of a sudden… All hell was let loose. They came from all over! Indescribable creatures started to slay us. Incredibly strong, fast, and ruthless, they killed a lot of us before we were able to defend ourselves. We fled into the ruins and our first attempt was to reach the other soldiers downstairs. Darkness awaited us there. While we were trying to organise ourselves, we heard the cries of our friends… their death cries. None of them will ever see the light again. We decided to go back to the surface and tried to find a way back to the wall and the bridge. Somehow, we made it out of the ruins. We were close to the wall when an evil and horrible voice split the air.

"How dare you to come to this place! You puny humans will be my snacks! NO ONE WILL ESCAPE ME!"

We looked back and what we saw, paralysed us. I cannot recite what happened then, Commander, but I am sure that I am the only one who survived."

Sandomo: "Praise the gods that at least you made it. Enough talk! Messenger, you will immediately travel to Thais and tell Lord Henricus what happened here. Lieutenant, send everyone we can spare to the wall. The enemy must not break through. Otherwise we are lost. You received your orders, now go!"

Messenger and Lieutenant: "As you command!"

Sandomo: "This island is currently in a state of demonic stranglehold. Yet, the Inquisition WILL win this land back from the grasp of evil. I am Sandomo, commander and lightbringer of the Inquisition, and I will fight the evil to the last man! Watch out nightmares! Every dream has its end! Praise the gods!"

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