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Nov 25 2013 -
Umbral Creation
ill they remember me from their dreams? Probably not. And yet, I do wonder… I hope… that they will manage to reach me so that I might see where all this will lead, where it will end. My curiosity already got the better of me.

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This place, resonating with dreams and nightmares, the power it holds… so much more than they can even fathom… the power to create. This thing, a dreamcatcher, connecting us to the realm of dreams... Like a musical instrument, begging to be played and to be mastered to create the perfect tune. A means to make dreams come into reality.

If only I could get my hands on more of those materialised dreams, solid objects but still brimming with the raw force of imagination. Ideas right in the process of taking shape… so much potential vibrates within this substance. And there are artefacts full of possibilities and hopes… With the sheer power of the dreamcatcher I might be able to weave a marvellous harmony and unity between them. I might be able to create and to refine, and ultimately, to master the process of… umbral creation. If they find me, will they entrust me with these rare essences knowing that I might fail, that the dreams I try to shape, the dreams of countless warriors and magicians, may shatter in the process? There is much to gain but also much to lose…

I am Eruaran. A living dream, rider of nightmares, wanderer in paradises and hells. I am waiting for you.

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