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May 21 2004 -
Major Updates About to Come
ince the Tibia community is expanding every day and we are constantly implementing new ideas, we have decided to keep you informed about the changes on a regular basis.

In June a major update on our manual will be released. It has been completely revised and it will definitely be worth reading. You might discover options that you have not been aware of so far. Other information sources have been updated as well, for example we will add a commentary to illustrate our Tibia Rules.

Moreover, there are other exciting developments in Tibia. Besides further game worlds with combat modes you already know, we will introduce a totally new type of game world with enforced player vs. player combat. Further details about this new type of game world will follow, so make sure to read our news on a regular basis to stay informed.

Finally, a major map update will bring brand-new areas to explore. There will be a new city, new items and of course a lot of new dungeons and adventures. The new area will be located south of Darashia. You will find a new desert with eerie pyramids and new dreadful creatures. So seize the time and prepare for new challenges.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team

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