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Jun 29 2004 -
Four New Game Worlds Started
fter finishing the test of enforced player vs. player combat, we started four fresh game worlds including two worlds of the new type:

  • Inferna, located in Germany with PvP-enforcedcombat
  • Dolera, located in America with PvP-enforced combat
  • Elysia, located in Germany with regular PvP combat
  • Xantera, located in America with regular PvP combat

  • Please note that we have updated the Tibia Rules concerning player killing. Keep in mind that playing on PvP-enforced game worlds is more difficult for unexperienced players. For details about the features of PvP-enforced game worlds please see the previous news.

    Moreover, we have raised the number of characters an account can contain. To ensure that all players can join the new type of game world, the limit is set to 20.

    As always only premium players are allowed to enter the new worlds during the first days. To keep the number of characters on Rookgaard on a reasonable level, the maximum number of players is limited as well. Soon we will raise the limit and also allow free account players to join. Also we want to remind everyone to respect the Tibia Rules, especially on the new worlds!

    Have fun in Tibia!
    Your CipSoft Team

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