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Aug 11 2004 -
Major Game Update: Tibia 7.3
e have finished the work on the latest major game update. Premium players can now explore the extended continent of Darama. In the south-east of Darama Pharaoh Arkhothep reigns over the mystic city Ankrahmun whose inhabitants live in age-worn pyramids. New monsters await the brave adventurer in the surrounding desert. There are rumours about secret dungeons that hide treasures of inestimable value in the new area. Their hidden entrances are said to be buried deeply in the sand. You can reach Ankrahmun either by travelling through the merciless desert or by taking a trip by ship.

In addition, minor graphic changes can be found everywhere in Tibia. Just look around to see, for example, new street lamps, trees and walls. We would like to thank Ariakas, Excessus, Izuael, Kohai, Oin and Zmaster for their great contributions of art work to the new area.

Moreover, we have implemented an automatic spam control. From now on you can only post a message once every two minutes in the trade channel. In all other public channels there is a limit of lines that can be said within a certain period of time. You will still be able to take part in a normal conversation while spammers will be temporarily muted. Please note that you are not able to talk at all in public channels if you are muted, which means also you are unable to cast spells during this punishment. For details please take a look at the manual section on communication. Since the automatic spam control is not intended to interrupt the prospering trade in Tibia, you now can sell and buy several identical items at the same time at all NPCs.

When you log into the game a patch for your client will be downloaded automatically. If you encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 7.3 from this website.

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team