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Jun 04 2014 -
Land, Ho!
ibian Explorer Society
Port Hope

Dear Angus,

My expedition to the East brought me to an undiscovered isle, which is not charted on any map I know. When I arrived I thought the island would be unsettled or at least abandoned, but I was wrong. I found a lot of dangerous creatures almost everywhere. Some of them I already know from other places. Yet, there are also creatures I have never seen before and still, they look familiar to me. I have to study them further and then I will send you another letter with more details. I will also try to draw some sketches for you. You will understand what I mean once you see them...

Right now I want to tell you about the city I spotted here. As far as I have noticed until now, the town is split in several parts. While most of the city seems to be occupied by the abovementioned creatures, the town centre is safe and actually ruled by humans. Partially, the city looks very decayed. Somehow it reminds me a bit of the factory quarter in Yalahar. You should send a copy of my letter to Timothy. Maybe he knows about a connection between both cities. The inhabitants call the isle Oramond and the town Rathleton.
I have already talked with some of the citizens about the history of this place. It seems that it is very, very old. I have heard stories about an evil bloodlord who oppressed his subjects and about a foreign princess, who freed the island and brought peace to Oramond. Furthermore, I found signs that the Nightmare Knights once set foot on the isle as well.
I am convinced that there is a lot more to discover. I need to talk to more people. Also, I have to visit the local library again to continue my research and to get further information.

One thing, though, is really strange and makes me wonder. Rathleton does not have any ruler. There is no king or queen. No lord protector, no governor, no mayor. At least I could not find any. I am curious how the citizens of Rathleton shape policy. I really have to find it out.

One more thing, before I will go back to my studies. The people here use a weird "material" as basis for almost everything. The slime of a local worm. They call it glooth! They make food and drinks out of it. Furthermore, it is used as a substitute for metal and even weapons consist of that glooth. I have attached a sample of it to the letter. Perhaps you can analyse it.

I will soon send you the sketches of the creatures and hopefully more details about Rathleton, its history, its people, and its affairs.

Yours sincerely,

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