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Jun 10 2014 -
ibian Explorer Society
Port Hope


My eyes did not deceive me. I saw them from the distance when I entered Rathleton for the first time. They looked so similar, but I was not sure... As you know, Angus, our intuition and curiosity are our most important skills when it comes to exploring. So I explored the isle further and searched for them. It was easy to find their camp. The colour of their skin, the echo of their war cries, their behaviour, simply everything reminded me of a race we already know. Minotaurs, Angus. Minotaurs! Not those you can find on the main continent, though. The minotaurs I discovered on Oramond are stronger, taller, and more dangerous. I took the liberty to name them to make it easier for us to differentiate while we analyse them.

I am sure that this is one of the most sensational discoveries of our time. I spotted different fighter types so far. Even female minotaurs are fighting in their herd. The fact that they are not male does not weaken them in any way. It is just the opposite. I saw those "minotaur amazons" killing an enemy from far away with spears with a power minotaur archers can only dream of. Not the type of women I would invite to dinner, I promise you.
Then I saw "mooh'tah warriors". Tall like cyclops, in full panoply, and armed with two sharp and long swords that look like katanas. They will cut anyone in half who approaches them unprepared.

Not to mention the "moohtants". They are nothing but pure rage, whirlwinds of strength that crush all enemies without mercy. Even if I was a fighter and not an explorer, I would have no interest to test their fighting skills whatsoever. I also found several other types of new minotaurs but I could not get more information about them yet. It seems that one of them is also able to use magic. We have a lot of work to do to get more details.

I am sure you agree with me. This is just stunning, but that is still not all I have to report.

There are some strange creatures in and around Rathleton, as well. They remind me of golems and gargoyles. Furthermore, I spotted some weird beings I cannot describe yet. If I am not totally mistaken their existence has something to do with that glooth I mentioned in my last letter. Did you already analyse it? Did you get any results?
I will try to trap and catch one of these "glooth creatures" for some experiments. And I still have to find out how and by whom this city is reigned.

I will write to you again as soon as I have more information for you.

Yours sincerely,