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Jun 13 2014 -
Come To Rathleton!
ibian Explorer Society
Port Hope

My dear old friend,

I really have to admit that I am impressed by Rathleton. And the city astonishes me more and more every day. You should really visit that place as soon as you can.

It is not just that the citizens manage to keep all the creatures at bay and to protect Rathleton against pillage and plunder, at least the quarter where they live. They also really surprised me with a unique way to handle their political affairs.

According to the history of this island, Rathleton was once ruled by monarchs, and probably some other types of rulers as well, as I wrote in my first letter. Well, it seems that the inhabitants found a new, and let us say more independent way of governing the city. They established a voting system that allows every citizen to participate in politics. I talked with one of the locals who seemed to know something about the voting system:

"In a city like Rathleton there are always many decisions to make and all those citizen fellows or those pursuing to become citizens are allowed to take part. By rendering services to the city everybody can achieve voting rights and thus participate in votings. Each vote you cast affects your citizen rank and the higher your citizen rank the more options to cast votes you have. As you can see, it's quite easy."

It is understandable that you have to earn the right to vote before they let you take part in their decision process. Imagine the chaos if everyone who sets foot on Oramond would be allowed to vote without any proof of his or her loyalty. As far as I found out you can vote on different topics. For example, you can decide if the city should build special shortcuts to certain hunting grounds to grant easier and faster access. Also, it seems that the inhabitants of Rathleton have a preference for fighting anyway. Depending on the will of the majority they offer different challenges. For the first time in my life I wish I was a skilled fighter and not an explorer. I really would like to test some of the dungeons and opponents. However, we have to study this voting system further before we can form a final opinion on it.

Again, I recommend you to come here as quickly as possible to get a better idea of Oramond and Rathleton. I know you would like to wear one of those Rathleton outfits. And Angus, I also saw a "walker". Curious what it is? Well Angus, I am waiting here for you...

Yours sincerely,

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