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Jun 16 2014 -
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. Z.

Dear Z.Z.,

Thank you for your reports. Your recent discovery of the island Oramond and the city Rathleton is indeed extremely stunning. Anyway, I have bad and good news for you. Let me start with the bad ones first. Unfortunately, it was not possible to analyse the sample of glooth you attached to your first letter. I tried everything but to be honest, I am at my wit's end. I guess you have to continue the analysis in Rathleton with the help of the inhabitants and all history books we can find in the local library. Also, I am sorry to disappoint you concerning your request to visit you there. My affairs in Port Hope do not allow me to travel anywhere. Therefore, I cannot accept your invitation, my old friend.

Now, let me tell you the good news. Of course, I sent copies of your letters to all members of our society to inform them about the newly discovered area. As you can imagine, it caused a sensation among the explorer society and other adventurers. Warriors, explorers, and scholars are gathering to set out and visit Oramond and Rathleton. You can expect them to arrive soon. I guess it is only a question of time until we are able to lift the secrets and mysteries of the island and the city...
Another matter altogether: The messenger who delivered your last letter told me that there are a lot of rentable houses available in Rathleton. Even though I do not know when I will get away from here to visit Oramond, I would like to have my own residence for me and my fellows. The messenger talked about a big hall, with a great roof garden and a swimming pool. It would be awesome if you could rent that hall for us. I will send you some gold along with this letter. By the way, how is the weather on the island?

And I have another interesting message for you. We concluded an agreement with the witches and wizards of the academy in Edron. They will cast a spell to reward the courage and bravery of those who hunt together. As you know, Z.Z., we noticed an increase of solo actions all over the land. As a society, we have no interest in such behaviour. We want an active population, working and living together, helping each other if necessary... That is why we negotiated with the mages. I am curious if our efforts will be a success or not. Well, we will know it soon.

That's it for now, old friend. Please keep me updated about what is going on.

Best wishes,

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