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Jan 29 2001 -
The Future of Tibia
ost of you know that we are students and that we have kept Tibia going and growing for five years in our spare time. This spare time will surely vanish at the end of this year when we finish our studies. Then we will have to find a job and start to work. There will not remain much time for Tibia.

But we don't want this to happen!

Therefore we are thinking about working full time for Tibia and start running Tibia commercially. Nevertheless we are looking for a solution that is best for everyone - for you and us. There is a thread on the general board where you can post your opinions about this. Please tell us what you think or feel. Every idea is welcome!

We are going to start some polls in the near future to get more detailed information about Tibia and its players. We would appreciate it if you participate in these surveys.

Please remember that we are currently planning and that no decision has been made.

Looking forward to your suggestions!
Your CIP Team

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