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Jun 30 2014 -
Improved Animations
t is time to ring in the second phase of the summer update test!
If you think that you have already seen everything the update will bring along, we have another surprise in store for you…

The implementation of smooth walking and riding animations last year was just the starting point of a broader endeavour to spice up the gaming experience graphics-wise.
With the forthcoming summer update, quite a few new, improved animations will be added to embellish the Tibian world. Flickering fires, waves gently lapping at the shore, the Tibian flag fluttering in the wind… To cut a long story short: just hop on to Testa or Testera and see for yourself!

Please note that this graphical improvement is a long-term project so further improved animations will be added in future updates.
For further information about the summer update test, please check the test website.

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