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Aug 21 2014 -
Let's Test a New Dawn...
re you up for another public test, Tibians?

In order to improve the starting experience, Dawnport, a completely new beginner's island has been created to guide new players through the basics of the game and help them take their first steps on their Tibia adventure.

On Dawnport, the Adventurers' Guild has established an outpost in a small fortress. To head out on their first adventures and quests as a knight, paladin, sorcerer or druid, young heroes simply need to pass through the corresponding vocation gate of their choice. They will be provided with some vocation-specific stuff and spells to help them survive in the surrounding wilderness. Players can go back and forth between these gates and switch vocations as often as they like to find out which vocation suits them best before making their final choice.

As soon as characters have reached level 8, they can leave the island and head for the main continent. Level 8 is also the required minimum level to participate in PvP on Dawnport. No matter how much you enjoy your stay, though, you have to leave the isle for good with level 20 at the latest.

Along with Dawnport, a new PvP blessing for Open PvP worlds will be available. The Adventurer's blessing will protect characters from any loss through a PvP death until they reach level 21. However, a character will lose the Adventurer's blessing if he attacks another player. The blessing cannot be bought but will be bestowed automatically upon all characters below level 21 that do not have a player kill in their history.

Rookgaard will continue to exist in its current state. The first character of newly created accounts, though, will always start its Tibian journey in Dawnport and has to reach the main continent from there. New characters of already existing accounts as well as follow-up characters on newly created accounts will still be able to reach Rookgaard via an NPC on Dawnport.

We invite all players to visit Dawnport on Testa or Testera to try out the new start into the game. Let us know if the vocations as you can play them there feel similar to how they evolve later on in the game. Is the new area spacious enough? Are the battles and quests appropriately challenging and fun for a new player? Share your thoughts with us!

In order to test Dawnport, please create a new character via the test website. You have to use your account name and password from August 01, 2014, 10:00 CEST, to log in.
As usual, all players can read the test board, but only tutors, senators, fansite representatives, focus group members, and former closed beta testers can post there. If you are not among these groups, you are welcome to give feedback in the Auditorium.

Welcome to Dawnport!
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