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Dec 10 2004 -
Public Test Server Open
fter some preliminary internal testing the test server for the Christmas update is now open to the public. Many widely anticipated new features will be available on the test server, including login queues, new furniture, skill bars, and many more. However, please note that some new monster races, items and quests will not be included on this test server in order to preserve some surprise for the update.

To log into the test server please make a copy of your Tibia folder, execute the copied Tibia client, check the option Test Server Login in the network preferences and login. You will then receive a patch for your client. Please note that you will not be able to log into the official servers with the test version of the client!

The player data were taken from the backup of December 1st, so you may have to use your old password. All level doors have been locked, so you will not be able to solve most quests. Please report all errors you detect to a tutor, counsellor or gamemaster.

Please understand that the test server has only a limited capacity. Therefore, please try to join the test server some hours later if you cannot log into it now.

Update: The test for the Christmas update has ended and therefore the test server was closed.

Thank you for your support!
Your CipSoft Team

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