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Sep 08 2014 -
A Visit to Edron
dron, a town in which science and arts are thriving, was founded by Thaian seafarers on an island of the same name which is located east of the main continent.


Not so long ago, Thaian seafarers discovered a crescent-shaped island east of the main continent. Allegedly, they chose the name Edron for it in reference to the secret garden of the gods.

Not much is known about Edron's history before the arrival of the first settlers. Rumour has it that a powerful ancient race once inhabited the island but became extinct before the Corpse War.
After the discovery of the isle, the Thaian army started to explore it on behalf of King Tibianus III. General Benjamin, the king's greatest general, led his men into the north of the island where they discovered ancient ruins which were obviously harbouring dark secrets. They sensed a great evil power there which had also attracted the powerful mage Ferumbras. They stumbled upon the corrupted wizard as he was searching for something in those ruins and a fierce battle ensued. Only Benjamin made it out alive. He works as a postman today, and while he can barely remember anything nowadays, it is clear that his soul and mind are still tormented by the horrifying memories.
Despite this tragic incident, though, King Tibianus III's interest in exploring and colonising the island did not dwindle since rich mineral resources were expected in Edron's mountains.
So King Tibianus entrusted the Sacred Order of the Knights of Banor's Blood under command of Sir Daniel Steelsoul with securing the isle. A massive stone castle was built as a fortress and retreat on elder foundations they had discovered and soon, a picturesque town developed around it which the Thaian settlers named after the island itself: Edron. The king appointed Steelsoul as governor of the young colony and supported it strongly with money, resources and cheap workers - criminals were forced into labour as punishment.


Stonehome is a hamlet east of Edron with a distinctive rural charm. Travellers who are looking for a quiet and unpretentious place to contemplate will probably feel right at home there. In addition, you can enjoy hearty meals there. Stonehome's vicinity harbours many small creatures that make for an excellent barbecue. For a short moment of thrill, you can visit the stone crypt of the local cemetery or the lonesome wyvern further north.

Yearning for a secluded, yet well re-sourced place to conduct their research and experiments, some of the best Tibian mages joined the first settlers and moved to Edron. In order to convince them to stay, King Tibianus III funded the building of the seven ivory towers, a royal institution for the best researchers in the magic department, which he named after his beloved poodle Noodles: Noodles Academy of Modern Magic.
Under these excellent conditions, science and education flourished in Edron and quickly led to the discovery of astounding new spells. Within years only, the Academy accumulated an immense wealth of knowledge and became the foremost facility of research and study in the whole Thaian kingdom. Additionally, its skilled mages even managed to exile the mighty Ferumbras to his citadel on Kharos.

Meanwhile, the northern ruins continued to lure people in with whispers of untold power. One of Steelsoul's most valued men, Kaine, his second in command, committed what is still known as "the betrayal" among the townsfolk. Together with the priestess Agaltha and some of his knightly brethren, he freed the forced labourers and headed for the ruins. They did not return, though, but established a sinister cult there and have been consorting with demonic beasts and dark monks ever since.
Some even say that Agaltha was a fake priestess sent by some evil power to seduce the honourable knights. What really happened then is shrouded in mystery, though, but the place is also known as "Hero Cave" nowadays, maybe in reference to the fate of the fallen heroes led by Kaine, maybe to challenge daredevils to prove their fearlessness...

Edron Today


Close to Edron lies the isle Cormaya with a small, quiet town that is a favourite among travellers who are looking for relaxation, sunny weather and the opportunity to take a cool dip in the sea. Also, the fisherman Pemaret offers passage to a small island where the sage Eremo has retired to, spending the rest of his days in solitude.

In comparison to other Tibian cities, Edron is quite young so when travelling there you can still meet those who helped to build it with their own hands. Science, arts and the research of magic are still thriving in Edron. Yet, for some, the mineral resources of the isle are the real treasure.

The climate in Edron is rough but keeps its inhabitants healthy and more or less down-to-earth.
Edron's castle has remained the heart of the city and both inhabitants and visitors often pass through it to do some shopping or to help Daniel Steelsoul and his men in dealing with the monsters that still roam the areas outside the town.

The architecture found throughout the town in front of the castle is mostly functional and gives the whole place an almost rustic ambience.

The huge ivory towers with their white walls stand out a bit, though. That may be one of the reasons why some inhabitants eye the wizards and scholars there with suspicion. Some even accuse them of being too self-absorbed and having lost touch with reality and practical affairs.

Some inhabitants of the houses close to the castle, especially Central Circle 1 and 2, often try to outshine the impressive towers by using their roof-top gardens to put their riches and treasures on display. Travellers often stop for a moment in front of these houses to marvel at all these private exhibitions. Thanks to Edron's ever watchful guardsmen, no grand thefts have occurred so far.

Yet, while the town is well guarded with the castle as a safe haven, the rest of the island is far from being peaceful and numerous threats are lurking around the corner.
While the area southwest of Edron is still controlled by orcs, the trolls and goblins in the western parts of the island do not pose a great threat anymore. Yet, they are still a good place for young adventurers to get some combat experience. Below the fields in Edron's south, rotworms have created a tunnel system that even extends to Cormaya and thereby provides a handy underground passage to the isle.
The northern parts of Edron island are a more dangerous territory, though. Neither Cyclopolis, the ancient city of cyclopes, nor the dragon lair to the north-west come close to the dark horrors and the unworldly challenges that are waiting deep down in the Hero Cave. Sometimes, the Ruthless Seven send the demon lord Orshabaal to strike terror into the hearts of Edron's men and women and to feast on their souls. Fortunately, the greatest hero in Tibia, Avar Tar, guards the northern entry of the town day and night. His heroic deeds inspire many adventurers all across the Tibian lands and they follow his example by throwing Orshabaal back to the abyss whenever he threatens the inhabitants of Edron.


We recommend you to travel to Edron by ship so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the shimmering ivory towers of the Academy in the distance and the massive stone walls of Edron's castle in front of it. As you approach the harbour (1), the shrieking cries of the wyverns will echo from the mountains next to the town and remind you that this colony is not as peaceful as it may seem.

Once your ship has docked, head east to enter Edron's castle through a heavily guarded castle gate. Lieutenant Falk and his men protect the castle all day and night and while his men are not really talkative, Falk gladly shares some bits of information with visitors. Turn right after having passed the gate and follow the castle walls that will lead you to the castle's east wing (2). You can access the Flying Carpet Passage Service via the northern part of the east wing. Further down south, you do not only find shops that offer a variety of equipment and clothing but you can also visit the temple of Banor's blood to have a moment of silence or to become a citizen of Edron.
As soon as you are done with shopping, return to the street and marvel at the castle's main building (3) right in the centre. Lifelike statues of King Tibianus will greet you as you enter the impressive building. Mind the pristine white marble floor and stride down the hallway until you reach a large room in which Edron's governor, Sir Daniel Steelsoul himself, welcomes aspiring adventurers and visitors of the town. Feel free to explore the rooms upstairs if you are interested in learning about life in a castle. From the entry hall you can also reach the Gamehalls of Edron in the basement or the beautiful castle garden left of the building.
From there, you can also get back onto the street and just a few steps further west, you can find the west wing (4) of the castle with the depot, the bank, the post office and Bonifacius, who offers fresh fruit and other delicacies directly imported from Thais. On the first floor, you can relax a bit in the tavern Horn of the Plenty and enjoy one of Mirabell's famous cream pies. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take them with you as a souvenir since Edron fears that their deliciousness may lead to mass tourism.
Facts about present day Edron
  • Approximately 1.2% of all Tibians reside in Edron nowadays.
  • 23% of Edron's inhabitants are female.
  • Marriage is not that popular in Edron. Only 1% of all inhabitants are married.
  • The average level of those who reside in Edron is 30 - in comparison: the average level in Carlin is around 21; in Thais 26; in Yalahar 77.
  • As in most other cities, the main vocation in Edron is the knight with around 31%. 26% of Edron's inhabitants are paladins.
  • Inspired by the Noodles Academy of Modern Magic, 43% of Edron's inhabitants prefer to use magic in battle: 22% of them are druids, 21% have chosen the sorcerer vocation.

If you have satisfied your cake cravings, go back to the castle's main building and leave the castle through the southern gate. If you are up for a small detour, you can turn west and follow the road along the outer castle walls until you reach the sea but be warned that a shoddy beggar might approach you on your way. Therefore, we recommend heading to east instead in order to enjoy the splendid view on the treasures and valuables that the tenants of Central Circle 1 and 2 usually exhibit on their roof-top gardens (5). Adventurers who fancy some orc fighting for a change, can leave the town through a passageway in the stone building to the left. If you do not mind tight quarters and are looking for accommodation, you can also rent one of the flats there.
Unless you want to buy furniture or jewellery at the shops further to the right, head southwards and walk around central circle counter-clockwise. There are lots of green places and flowers along the way which add to the natural charm of the town. After the building next to the sunflower field, you can head further southwards via Sky Lane to get a good view on Edron's agricultural side and its wheat fields (6). For a small detour to Cormaya, you can make use of the rotworm tunnel system (7).

In order to continue with our city tour, return back to Central Circle and follow it until you reach an impressive statue (8) showing Ganderat, a mighty knight of Edron, during his fight against a hydra. Head further east to find yourself in front of the enormous ivory towers: Noodles Academy of Modern Magic (9). If you are interested in magic, you may want to stop by the place separately since there are lots of researchers to meet and lots of things to learn there. The current headmaster is Arkulius and you should definitely visit him if you would like to see what a frozen magister looks like. We also recommend a visit to Spectulus' quarters. The grumpy scientist who has a keen interest in astronomy may be regarded as a crank by some. Yet, he has quite some interesting information to share and needs the help of aspiring adventurers in lots of his endeavours to unveil mysteries and secrets. Before leaving the Academy, check your pockets for empty vials. If you have 100 at hand, you can exchange them for a lottery ticket at Sandra's fluid shop in the first tower.
After having passed the northern exit of the town, you can set out to cross the mountains to the left in order to reach the northern parts (10) of the island with all its numerous dangers and challenges. Do not forget to say hello to Avar Tar on your way and take care in the wilderness! If you would like to end the day on a cosy note, we recommend you to take a stroll towards the quiet hamlet Stonehome (11) to enjoy the tranquil beauty of this rural retreat.

Enjoy your stay in Edron!
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