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Sep 09 2014 -
Release of Increased Experience Gain Until Level 50
ith today's server save, we have released the Increase Experience Gain.

With this experience boost for killing monsters we want to help new players to reach the more challenging parts of the game more quickly.

As announced, characters of level 1 and 2 will benefit from a bonus that doubles their experience gain, this bonus will slowly decrease as they advance in level until it reaches the normal experience gain at level 50. Please note again that the bonus experience only applies to your level progress but not to any of your skills.

In addition, we addressed some graphical issues with the beastmaster and champion outfits. Furthermore, a small issue with the NPC Chemar was fixed as well.

Together with the release, the preview phase on Aurora and Aurera has ended and a new client version is available for all game worlds. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.54 from our download section.

See you in Tibia!
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